All You Need To Know About Honor Dual-SIM Smartphones


Dual-sim smartphones are multipurpose devices that allow you separate business from pleasure while using the same phone. They are very convenient and sometimes don’t require two physical sims as you could use an eSIM instead. This means you can have a standard SIM in your smartphone while you subscribe to another network with the eSIM.

Before going further, you should know what a SIM is. A SIM card is an acronym for Subscriber Identification Module, and it is necessary for connecting a phone to a mobile network. In dual-SIM smartphones, both SIMS back each other up always; however, you can only use a SIM at a time. This means that any SIMs can accept phone calls or texts without restarting the phone or interchanging the SIMs. A dual-SIM device can function with either one or two SIM cards.

There are a few advantages that come with using a dual-SIM smartphone, but there are a few disadvantages as well. This article is a compilation of both the benefits and demerits of using such devices. Read on till the end to discover what they are.

The Benefits Of Honor Dual-SIM Smartphones

Wide-range network

Two different networks mean a better user experience. Dual-sim smartphones achieve this by eliminating coverage gaps, making traveling to remote places convenient as you can send texts, make calls, and use the internet without stressing the network connection.


With a dual-SIM smartphone such as the honor 8c black, you don’t have to carry more than one phone as you can have all your contacts on one phone, including both work and personal contacts.

Convertible storage

Two SIMs provide you with significant storage space for your contacts and other network-related data. A 32KB SIM can accommodate about 33 Network Identification Codes; now imagine what a 256KB SIM can contain – many more codes.

Real-time calls

Missed calls won’t be a thing when you use dual-SIM smartphones as they provide you with no delayed calls. Even if you are on a call on one line, you can still take a call from the second line by holding the first call without voicemail.

No missing network limitations

Network coverage could sometimes be inconsistent all of a sudden. However, such is eliminated when one of the two networks in your dual-SIM smartphone can have better coverage than the other. This is an advantage, especially for important calls and areas with a poor network connection.

Great network deals

Using two networks enables you to access fantastic mobile plans with excellent coverage. You can get awesome data deals, call deals, and even text deals. You can also customize your network to suit your budget by subscribing to affordable deals.

Furthermore, you will know a few disadvantages of dual-SIM phones in the bulleted list below.

  • The less-active SIM of the two could sometimes stay passive because only one SIM can be active at a time.
  • In dual active SIMs, both SIMs are in operating mode simultaneously, which consumes lots of batteries.
  • Smartphones use a 4G +2G standby application which means you can use both SIMs for calls and text but not for data connection, only one at a time.
  • Dual-SIM smartphones emit higher electro-magnetic frequency (EMF).


If you’re the kind that enjoys keeping personal and professional contacts separately, then dual-SIM phones are perfect for you; plus, you get to have these contacts on just one phone. Not only do you get to enjoy that, but there are other benefits associated with the use of dual-SIM smartphones. These have been highlighted in the article in addition to their cons.


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