Are Ugreen Type-C Cables Any Good- Let’s See!


UGREEN is a Chinese customer technology company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, possessed by Ugreen Group Limited. Zhang Qingsen founded the product line in Shenzhen in 2012, specializing in USB electronics including transmission lines and AC transceivers and many different classifications of consumer devices such as the use of recording equipment.

This article will talk about how the Ugreen type-c cables differ from the other available variants and how they’re a better option than them.

Why Ugreen Type-C Cables- Salient Features

Some remarkable and noteworthy character traits possessed by the Ugreen Type C USB cables make them stand out in the consumer market. Some of them are as follows:

1. Attractive Design

All of the Type C model group variants have attractive and charming prototypes. They are available in a gigantic bloom of colours. Manufactured in an array of colours and contrasts, the UGREEN Type C cable cater to all of your technological needs while being sleek, stylish and up to the trend in the palette world.

2. Uses Copper

UGREEN cables have always prioritized to utilized efficiency with longevity. The epitome of this is the fact that they use cooper as the conductor in their Type C cables. Copper is an excellent conductor and thus helps in a better & quicker transmission of data. It also contains an aluminum joint, nylon braiding housing and triple shielding of tinned copper. The aluminium foil is wear resistant.

3. Convertor Cables Available

UGREEN cables are at the same time not just limited to Type C cables. Their Type C cables are of the next generation and have multiple converter cables available. These converter cables aid fast charging for different and novel electronic devices guaranteeing a power boost of 0 to 50% within only 30 minutes of plugging in the charger.

4. Have Universal Compatibility

However, the most important quality of UGREEN Type C cables is the fact that they are almost compatible with any and all electronic devices. The universal nature of their cables ensures that you can use them with the various variety and brands of electronic handsets or desktop gadgets that you use.

5. Available In Long Lengths

UGREEN Type C cables are of exceptional length promising a better connecting experience. They are almost 1.5 feet in length, thus extending to the longest length you need for the connection. With the length, you don’t have to stress over your phone dangling over the bed from the adapter; you can easily rest it on your bedpost without the risk of it falling.

6. Deliverable To Most Countries

UGREEN Type C cables are delivered to almost all of the countries globally, including the USA, China, UK, Australia, and Canada, among others. Buyers can place orders in the comfort of their homes and get guaranteed delivery within days.


The tech market is flooding with a variety of electronic products and a surplus of brands, however, UGREEN stands out because of the above-mentioned reasons. It is only wise to invest in a UGREEN Type C cable for a seamless and efficient user experience!


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