RF signal blockers to carry out wireless gadgets


Test Boxes For Testing Smart Home Gadgets

Industries looking for the latest smart home testing shall consider this box as it’s designed to block high RF signals. The boxes are cheap, affordable, and offer excellent quality in terms of physical strength and output or performance. There’s no compromising in the performance against low prices. This helps industries related to the gadgets manufacturing sector save money and control their product’s price. Smart home products include home automation tools and IoT devices. These EMC chambers have a wonderful appearance with ample storage space. Some industries might be able to store and test multiple products simultaneously if the gadgets are small.

Applications Of This Signal Blocking Box

Industries dealing with wireless technologies such as 5G, LTE/VOLTE, Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 4GHz), Bluetooth devices, ZigBee, and WiMAX can test them with this EMC chamber. The chamber offers a clamshell design with the opening and closing lid sealed perfectly to avoid radiation leakage.

More product range includes GPS-enabled products, smart gadgets such as smart wearables, smart TVs, set-top boxes, etc.

Wireless Product Tester Chamber With Customization

Buyers looking for customization in terms of size, appearance, design, and features can quote their demands hassle-free. Adding or removing features won’t add too much to the final payable amount, so there’s no harm in buying a customized product. Moreover, the product is designed in such a manner that adding new features won’t be a big deal. There will be no compromise in the performance and output.

Interesting Features Of EMC Chambers

These EMC chambers have the following interesting features, making them suited for industrial use:

  1. Use of fine quality metal sheets to build the chamber. Only a single sheet is used to prepare the entire body. This reduces the chances of leaking possibility occurring at the vertices and edges.
  2. For wireless operation, there’s a remote control system RS-232.
  3. Its air cylinder is made of stainless steel. Hence expect more durability.
  4. Implementation of red and green lights to inform about the product test failure and success respectively. This ensures quicker processing as there’s no need to check the results on the user interface.
  5. There’s a universal I/O connector plate attached to the box. This will ensure that the chamber can be connected to almost any device to facilitate input/output operation.

Product’s Important Specifications

  • It has a thickness of 10+2m.
  • The frequency tolerance is 0.8GHz to 6GHz.
  • The interface can be customized according to the customer’s request.
  • The net weight is 45Kg.
  • It’ll be packed and shipped to the destination address in a wooden box. This ensures minimal to no damage to the product during the shipment.
  • The primary function of these chambers is to block and restrict the signals emitted from the gadgets inside them during their testing phase.
  • Interior Dimensions (default): 1000mm * 1000mm * 1000mm (L*W*H)
  • Box size (default): 1075mm * 1140mm * 1140mm (L*W*H)
  • Exterior Dimensions (default): 1205mm * 1205mm * 1250mm (L*W*H)
  • Users having difficulty in using the product can always refer to the user manual that contains all the general details on how to get started.


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