Automatic Workout Recognition in the Honor Watch ES


As technology advances, it is quite possible to accomplish more with less. The honor watch ES is the perfect example of that as it features an automatic workout recognition feature which allows you to start working out without needing your phone or even having to press a button on your watch.

When you set out for your run or walk, there will be no need for you to take your phone with you or press any buttons on the watch. The android smart watch automatic workout recognition feature will know when you start running and give you a prompt asking if you would like it to record your workout, and then starts recording after 10 seconds if there is no response.

This feature works by using the gyroscope in the watch that detects movement, as well as the GPS sensor that determines whether or not it’s moving, and then uses machine learning algorithms to determine if it’s actually a workout or not. You can also manually input your workouts so they don’t get missed.

The honor watch ES is the ideal training partner with its great fitness tracking capabilities and smart features such as automatic workout recognition which means that you can get going on those training sessions without taking your phone or pressing any buttons on your smartwatch.

If you do not want to use the automatic workout detection feature, you can turn it off in the settings via “Watch face and Apps”> “Sports & Health”> “Auto Exercise Detection”.

Workout Modes in the Honor Watch ES

The Honor Watch ES comes with a range of exercise modes to help you train more effectively.


There are 8 running modes to choose from: outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, swimming, elliptical trainer, rowing machine and free training. The different modes are designed for different types of running. For example, if you’re using an indoor treadmill or the rowing machine at home or at the gym, you’ll want to use the corresponding mode on your watch so it can track your stats properly. By choosing the correct mode for your activity, you can make sure your watch is tracking as accurately as possible.

To change the exercise mode while you’re working out:

Swipe left or right on the screen to scroll through to find the exercise mode you want. Tap on the screen to select it.

The default setting works well for most people but if you’d like to customize your watch further, you can do this in the Health app. To customize an exercise type in the app:

Open the Health app then tap on [Exercise] from the bottom menu bar. Tap on an [exercise type] from the list then tap [Customize]. Here you can change things like which hand is used for heart rate monitoring and whether it will do an automatic monitoring or you must give it a guide first.

The watch also features a stress monitor that can detect stress levels by monitoring heart rate variability (HRV). Users can follow along with the breathing exercise guide to help them relax during stressful times.

Once you’re done with your workout, you will receive an overview of all the data collected.

There are a bunch of other smart features on the Honor Watch Es that make it worth considering.

You can set reminders and alarms with the watch, which is a handy feature when you’re traveling or just trying to get through your day without forgetting anything, as well as receive notifications from your phone.

For example, if you have an appointment coming up, the watch will give you a reminder when you need to leave in order to make it on time, based on the time and location of the event. If you have any upcoming events scheduled for the day, they will show up when you turn on the screen. You can also add reminders for yourself and turn them into habit trackers that give you gentle nudges if you keep forgetting to do something.

You therefore, have no reason not to have this watch! Get it from honors website and get to know of their many other smart wearables.


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